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Afropolitan Central Podcast

Afropolitan Central was born from a need to have more conversations that centered on the Afropolitan* experience. It is a bi-monthly podcast in the style of a conversation between my myself and my friend, Nana Mensah, in which we discuss topics and themes that are of concern and interest to Afropolitans around the world. We’ve covered topics like redefining development in Africa, traveling Africa, growing up in an African home (no matter what continent), the hit novel Children of Blood and Bone and so much more. Check out the episodes below and follow us on Sound Cloud or iTunes to join the conversation.


Episode 6 – Children of Blood & Bone

Episode 6 was so good, we had to split it into 2 parts!! We has a special guest, Nicole Magabo, who’s a writer herself, and we were able to dive into the themes of Tomi Adeyemi’s acclaimed new book, Children of Blood and Bone! The conversation was enlightening and we were able to dive into so may great topics together!


Episode 5 – Afrobeats: Then, Now & All Around

So we went back and forth on the name for this episode, but that’s because it was just SO amazing!! We touched on several things we will certainly deep dive later, but it’s a great conversation about our growth into the Afrobeat music scene and our reflections on it globally. My friend Chineme joined us for this conversation, so it made it even richer – hence, another 2 part episode.


Episode 4 – Growing Up African

This episode was so much fun to record! But I’m not going to lie, I was shy the whole time and kept on checking the front door to make sure my mom hadn’t gotten home yet! It seems like no matter how old we get, there are just some things we’ll never be able to chat with our parents about! It was also hilariously to see the similarities and differences between Nana’s and my own upbringing, despite being raised mostly on two different continents. I also wrote a blog post about growing up in an African household here!


Episode 3 – #TravelAfrica

Here we deep dive into the world of “traveling Africa!” We talk about some of the barriers to traveling the continent – including EXPENSIVE intra-continental flights, and of course, ALL the rewards – including beautiful getaways for half the costs you see in other regions.  This episode is also full of must see places, people to follow and resources and tips for planning your own trip! Be sure to check it out, and also check out some of my travel Africa posts here on the blog.


Episode 2 – Fashion Forward: The Rise of “African Fashion” on the Global Stage

Nana and I both LOVE fashion – especially ankara/wax print. This episode is not only fun, but also extremely informative (like ALL our episodes!!) But here, we give you the history of how an Indonesian fabric became the armor of African fashion globally and how it continues to take the world by storm – despite efforts to culturally appropriate it – which is also an interesting concept for something that wasn’t originally from the region! You just have to check out the episode and leave us your thoughts on Soundcloud or Instagram!


Intro Episode – An Introduction to the Afropolitan Podcast

This is the place to start!! Here, Nana and I talk all about why we started the Afropolitan Central podcast, what it means to us to have these conversations and what we hope you’ll get by listening to us converse on these important topics!! Do give it a listen to get to know us a little better!


If you made it down here, you’re AWESOME!! Make sure you are subscribed to our  Sound Cloud or iTunes accounts so you don’t miss episodes and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to join the conversation, give us your feedback and let us know what topics you want to hear about next! Thank you so much.


*Many people often wonder what the meaning of Afropolitan means, and I believe the beauty is that it can be defined as we see fit. In general, it is understood as being the recent generation of Africans in the diaspora, and are typically mellenials. That said, Afropolitan is not geographical or even age exclusive. The word comes from African and cosmopolitan, so Africans who have never left the continent could easily be Afropolitan. Africans who have been in the diaspora for generations could also be Afropolitan.