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What to Wear Wednesday – Around D.C.

June 10, 2015

It’s only fitting that the first post in this series is also an African Wear Wednesday. For those who know me, you might know that I started the Elon African Society at Elon University (Long live Elon!). One of the traditions I started my senior year, was African Wear Wednesday which was the first Wednesday of each month – or whatever Wednesday that fit better into the school calendar, haha. So with that in mind, here is a breakdown of what you can wear around D.C. where you might have a lot of different events packed into one day and no time to do full outfit changes.

My brother bought me a belated Christmas present and I still didn’t get it until late May when I got home from school. The day before he set up a meeting with me and the lady who owns the store he got it from, I dug the bag out from the back of my closet.

I fell in love with all the items immediately and decided I wanted to pair them together for my Saturday in D.C. I was particularly excited about the pants because for some reason, print pants always look kind of weird on me (even my closet is almost entirely made up of printed – mostly ankara – shirts, skirts and dresses). Also, I never buy pants without trying them on. They’re all so many different cuts and with my short torso and long-for-my-height legs and over all short self – pants are a struggle and a half. To top it off, my brother doesn’t know my size. So for these pre-made pants to fit perfectly, I was baffled! (If you’re interested in these pants and other awesome designed clothes please check out Simply Cecily’s site). I’m so excited because I got to meet her today! I definitely wore her pants. She was such a friendly and calm spirit.

The shirt was also amazingly soft and was a fitted t-shirt style. I decided not to wear the bracelet since there was not green in my outfit and I used the bag as my overnight sack.

I was trying to decide if the shirt should be tucked in or tucked out. If I should wear heals or my salmon flats that match the pants perfectly. My indecisive self, thought: why not all the above? And that’s exactly what I did.

In the morning, Mayowa and I met with Anika at her store front in Anacostia Arts Center. It wasn’t a formal meeting (hence the casual shirt as opposed to a blouse or something – plus I was repping her goods!), but I was entering a boutique so I wanted to look fly.

Me in Anika’s Boutique

Meeting Anika was really fun! When she started out in the boutique game, there weren’t any central places to shop for African inspired clothes and accessories except for festivals and other pop-up locations. She’s come a long way on her own and still has so much more in store. Check out her store and instagram page to learn more.

For the boutique meeting portion of my day, I tucked in shirt and paired it with heels to give it that hint of professionalism and lots of style.




After the meeting, Mayowa and I hit up downtown DC and did some window shopping and ate lunch at Shake Shack. From what I understand, they started off as a food truck and have now opened up stores around the U.S. and even recently went public on the stock market. I got a Portobello burger and I really liked it. And I also got their coffee milkshake. It was mega creamy and thick and might have been better if it was the only thing I had, rather than trying to drink it after my burger.

For the downtown portion of my day, I considered leaving on the heels, but we were going to be doing a lot of walking. Plus, my flats match the pants so well, I still looked super stylish. I finished off the more casual look with sunglasses and my shirt untucked. Doesn’t this say Saturday in the city?

IMG_1208    IMG_1200

These were the accessories I wore / other pictures I thought were cute. This is about the amount of jewelry I typically wear when my jewelry isn’t the statement piece. (Besides the watch), I choose smaller, daintier thing and I’m minimal with them. The large red earrings made sense since my top is mostly a solid color, minus the writing. Plus, it was an afro-centric kind of day. (Isn’t every day? 🙂

Also, I was minimal on the make-up as well since I had a lot going on other places. I think all I had on was just mascara, a little eyeliner and light lipstick. With the lipstick, I rubbed a little onto my chapstick and then applied the chapstick to my lips to give them some color but not make it pop.


Hope you enjoyed my first ever style post! Let me know if there are other outfits you want me to break down! And do you have any tricks for going from one type of event to another type of event with the same outfit? Comment below! 🙂



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  • Reply Arthur June 19, 2015 at 13:01

    Beautiful pictures! You make a great ambassador for Africa’s style!

    • Reply omolayonkem June 19, 2015 at 16:41

      Thanks so much Arthur! Mayowa took them for me! Thanks for commenting.

  • Reply Chineme June 19, 2015 at 14:47

    This was a great post Omo! I loved the fact that you sported ankara/African fabric pants–especially ones that came from an Afro-centric and female-owned boutique. I look forward to reading about your future African-inspired “What to Wear Wednesdays” as well as other talented designers.

    • Reply omolayonkem June 19, 2015 at 16:43

      Chineme!! Thanks for working hard to comment on the post! But yeah, that’s a good point of the female-owned boutique. I’ll definitely try and feature more stuff like that! But I think most of my ankara was made in Senegal, but that’s a story too, haha.

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