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Top 5 Reasons I’m Looking Forward to Black Love Experience Part 5

March 15, 2018

I can hardly contain my excitement because this weekend I finally get to partake in an event I’ve been helping out with for 2 years now! I’m talking about none other than the Black Love Experience Part 5!

Head to their website to find out a little bit more about it, but here is the general vibe:

“Originating from the masterminds behind Nubian Hueman, The Black Love Experience is a conglomerate of artistry and inventiveness geared towards creatives, revolutionaries, kindred souls, and fearless visionaries celebrating ourselves under the canopy of all things Black. This event connects the vibrant creative community of the Washington DC Metro Area and beyond, through expressions of music, art, wellness, and creative commerce, but most of all it’s good vibes and togetherness.”

“To contain it under the guise of a party, pop-up, concert, or gathering of any kind would be an understatement.”

So um yeah, I’m more than a little excited!

So without further aidoo, here are the top FIVE reasons I can’t wait for BLE this weekend.

1. Finally seeing something you worked so hard on.

a. So I’ve been doing BLE digital marketing for two years now. I did the social media management for BLE Part 4 as well as this year. As you might remember, I was living in Nigeria up until 5 weeks ago. So I was working on the whole thing remotely and had to watch last year as over 1000 other people enjoyed the event I helped promote! So I’m just looking forward to being in the space I’ve imagined and hyped up and heard about for the past 3 years…can’t wait!

2. Out of this world cocktails

If you know me personally, you know I like a good drink! Mariama, self-titled Sanctuary Maker, Druken Alchemist and Cocktail Enthusiast (I think we will get along well), is making some specialty drinks just for Black Love this weekend. As the social media manager on the team, I see every time we are tagged and Mariama’s posts have my mouth watering. Plus, I’ve seen and heard about other meals this genius has curated and I’m really looking forward to partaking. #bottomsup (the picture above is from her Holiday Jamz party. Mariama is the one with purple hair).

3. ALL the amazing artists, vendors and discussions

So in addition to Mariama, the line up for Black Love Experience this weekend is OFF the charts! From vendors to musicians to artists and speakers, everyone individually seems so AWESOME! The idea that they are all coming together under one roof is what makes BLE so special. I can’t wait to soak up their energy, knowledge and beautiful art. Some people I’m really looking forward to hearing/seeing are Sa-Roc, Jabari Exum (he was a drummer and consultant on the set of Black Panther) and Ytasha Womack who wrote the book Afrofuturism. That and the workshops sound so intriguing. I’ll probably need to clone myself for the weekend.

4. Networking in my locale

In addition to the awesome people featured in Black Love Experience is the type of people that Black Love attracts. Recently transplanting back to the DMV means I need to find my footing here again, so I’m excited to mix and mingle with like-minded individuals in the area and get a feel for what’s happening.

The Crew

5. Working with the Awesome Crew

So everything I know about the Black Love Experience is through the BLE team that I’ve worked with the past two years. Each meeting we have leaves me excited and inspired for what’s ahead. Today I held a twitter chat with Anika (she’s in the picture above), the founder of Nubian Hueman and host of BLE and Risikat, one of the huge minds behind BLE’s programming. The conversation was on a whole another level with the positive vibes and intentionality in everything they do.

And I think that is just what is so special about the Black Love Experience, the LOVE that this team puts into it. The amount of thought and intention is so beautiful that how could Black Love Experience be anything but amazing!

I could also talk about how this team has pushed me personally and professionally and one of the reason I’m able to call myself a communication strategist now, but I’ll just leave it as this: I am beyond honored and excited to work beside these people this weekend.

If you are in the DC area, you really should come! Use my discount code: NKEMFLASH18 before midnight on Thurs. March 15th to get $20 off regular priced tickets!

If you’re not in the DMV, follow BLE on Facebook and Instagram and catch me and my social media team covering the event all night!

Drop any questions you have below and you can definitely look forward to a recap post on my thoughts.


Omolayo Nkem


All the pictures in this post were taken by Mayowa Ojo.

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