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Education & Career Nkem Story

How to Create & Crush Your Summer Goals

Happy new month, & happy almost summer (but as far as I’m concerned, it’s already summer!) I’ve always loved summer because these three months have always been full of endless possibilities. With long days, gorgeous nights, less responsibilities and a chance to craft the…

June 5, 2018
Fashion & Beauty

Summer in the City – A Style Guide

This summer, I have a job in Washington DC with a commute of 2.5hours...each way. It's not easy, but picking out fun things to wear to work each day has been great! It's my first office job post-college so I try to go for…

July 19, 2016

7 Reasons you should always have a book on you

Summer is generally the time everyone commits to getting through their extensive "will read this one day" list of books. While you're bustling and hustling around this summer, here are the top seven reasons you should always have a physical book on you. June 18, 2015