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Fashion & Beauty

Summer in the City – A Style Guide

July 19, 2016

This summer, I have a job in Washington DC with a commute of 2.5hours…each way. It’s not easy, but picking out fun things to wear to work each day has been great! It’s my first office job post-college so I try to go for a professional but fun and breezy look for the summer. From time to time, my colleagues will remind me that it’s casual summer, but I have no casual clothes…so…

Just kidding, I have casual clothes, but I like looking nice for work, and that’s not a crime. No matter what you’re up to this summer, as long as you are happy and comfortable in your clothes (and not breaking any office rules), feel free to wear whatever you like!

That said, there are definitely some pieces you need to have in your wardrobe so that you can keep being chic AND cool, all summer long.

Colorful sandals & flats

Summer style guide shoes

Summer Style guide colorful


Would it really be summer without a pop of color? These coral colored sandals have served me for many many years! For some reason I seem to have a lot of orange/coral colored items in my closet, so sometimes I color-coordinate with my shoes. Other times, I let the sandals be the pop of color that finishes off my outfit.
The same goes for these beautiful yellow flats I got in Morocco. Earlier in the summer, before I took my own advice about fun nail polish (see below), my toes were looking very not cute and these yellow flats had me covered and looked great with half my closet!

Neutral Pumps

Summer is the time when all the bold prints and bright colors come out. Make sure you have a few neutral pumps in your arsenal so you can stay chic, professional and color-coordinated. I have black, white and brown (they look nude on me) pumps with an appropriate sized heel for the work place. I feel like a boss lady without wobbling on my way to the coffee machine.

Basket (or brown) Wedges

Summer Shoes

Summer Shoes Summer Shoes















In the same vein as neutral pumps, you want beautiful wedges that can compliment any outfit. Wedges are a fun way to get the height of a stiletto without any of the pain. Basket and brown wedges are particularly great for the summer because of their ode to picnic baskets and warm summer breezes!

Strappy Black Heels

For ladies painting the city red this summer, strappy black heels are always a fun way to dress up your LBD or jumpsuit. I had to leave my black and gold accented heels in Paris – they had seen me through many a dancing night! So I’m currently in the market for new black heels. I’m not in a hurry though since I am living with my mom for the summer and painting the town red isn’t an opportunity that comes up often enough for black heels to be an emergency.

Rain Coat

summer rain coat

Summer rain coat








Depending on where you live, summer can mean heavy rains and hurricane season – make sure you are prepared with a sturdy and beautiful raincoat. You of course don’t have to pick one as bright as my neon green show stopper, but I’m a firm believer in bringing your own sun shine on a rainy day!

Crop Tops

Pair them with a skirt, high waisted shorts, or just about anything else! Can’t go wrong with these beauties. Depending on your closet, you should get a few solid colors and a few prints to mix, match and color coordiante. You can never go wrong with a simple while crop top!


Long Flowy Skirt

Summer Style Guide-4 Summer Style Guide-8
Shorts are nice for summer, but getting dressy and bugs don’t make them a possibility all the time. Switch up your style with a fun skirt that beats the summer heat and keeps the bugs away! Best part? You don’t have to shave to rock them.

I got this beautiful high slit skirt from TJ Maxx a couple years back and I absolutely love it!

Staple accessories

Summer is hot and you’ve got a lot of places to go! Don’t get bogged down with heavy accessories and make sure your staples are laid out to compliment any outfit you decide to rock. Pearl studs, simple hoops and gold bracelets are always classy and cute – especially if you have an office job.

Sturdy Tote Bag

Photo from African Prints in Fashion

Photo from African Prints in Fashion

You’re always on the go during summer so it’s important to have that go to bag that you can grab no matter where you are going. I take my APiF tote bag to work, the gym and the beach! It served me well on day trips in Paris and is easily one of the most used things in my closet. (I have the beige version of this bag, and I definitely love it as well!)

Bonus: Make sure you have a small wallet to toss from bag to bag! I love this wallet that I got from Merrakech. Sometimes I just grab that and hit the town!

Fun nail polish

Summer is the time to experiment with fun colors on your toes and hands. Foot the bill for a mani-pedi or stay cheap like me and get your baby sister to have a girls night in. I love the coral color I have on right now! Like I said – I seem to have a lot of stuff in this color! And when I’m typing away at my desk, they are fun to look at.
Just don’t do what I did and hide your toes for the first half of the summer: get those cute and painted as soon as you can to join in the summer fun!


What are your summer wardrobe staples this year?

For more style tips and my adventures in DC and around the world, make sure you’re subscribed to the blog so you don’t miss a beat!



Omolayo Nkem


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