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Summer in the City – Go to Eateries

September 20, 2016
DC Restaurants Maketto

No matter how in denial I am, summer is wrapping up, but we still have to make the most of every day that we have left!!

Continuing my summer in the city series, I present my favorite places to eat here in DC!
I really enjoy cooking, and everyone in my family is a great cook (thanks, mom!) so I honestly don’t eat out much, but when I do, these are my top DC Restaurants of choice!


Fruitive Outdoor Sitting

My current obsession right now is Fruitive and if you follow me on instagram, you have likely heard me rave about it! I caught a glimpse of it on my long bus ride home and was immediately intrigued. I grabbed a friend and we met up to check it out – so happy I did!
Fruitive is a relatively new restaurant here in DC (they started in Virginia Beach). They have several locations around DC and also show up at certain farmer’s markets. I went to their downtown location and the inside décor was just as fun as the cute little street they were on.

Fruitive Decor DC Restaurants
The food at Fruitive is fresh, delicious, and fast. It’s such an innovative idea (healthy fast food) and its perfect for this super busy but health conscious city. Fruitive makes me think of Jamba Juice meets Freshiis . All their food is light fare.

Fruitive DC Restaurants
I had the Tango Salad and my friend had the Cacao Pow. The salad was delicious, light and just the right amount I needed (I was hungry but not famished). They were a little skimpy on the mango though. I got to taste the Cacao Pow as well, and I thought it was wonderful! It is super delicious and the peanut butter was not over powering.

Tera Thai

This superb Thai restaurant has nine locations all around DC, Virginia and Maryland. They had a great variety on their menu and I enjoyed the groovy lounge-like feel in their restaurant.

I had the pad see eaw. It was amazing and reminded me of drunken noodles. We also had the pad woon sen and siamese beef.

DC Restaurants Tera Thai


DC Restaurants Tera Thai
The best part of eating out with friends is definitely getting to try multiple things on the menu! I never let people get the same thing as me when we eat out together – unless it just sounds TOO good!

Bus boys & Poets:

Bus Boys and Poets has become a staple in DC: delicious, nutritious food, with a slight middle eastern flare, all in a setting that promotes activism and important conversations – you can’t get much more DC than that.
I had the Mekhleme, which is “Iraqi ‘corned beef’ hash, tomato, onions, potatoes and it’s topped with two poached eggs.
It was wonderful!


We went to Terasol for a goodbye lunch for one of my coworkers and the food was absolutely lovely. It is a French Bistro and artisan gallery. They had jewelry, vases and other beautiful things on display for sale towards the front. The rest of the space was an intimate little restaurant that had a quiet crowd for lunch. You could very easily miss the space if you’re walking too quickly. But you shouldn’t because the food was awesome.

They had all the French classics like croque-monsieur, smoked salmon, escargot and mussels. I really wanted confit de canard (slow cooked duck), but that wasn’t on the menu. But I got to order in French so couldn’t really be too sad! It was just the French touch I needed after missing Paris so much lately.

DC Restaurants Terasol mussels


Terasol mussels DC Restaurants

Paul’s Bakery

DC Restaurants Paul's Bakary

The other place I have been hitting up frequently for my French fix is the Paul’s Bakery near Farragut North. When my bus gets in early, I’ll stop by for espresso and a croissant. I’ve even been there to met up with fellow blogger boo, Vivavious D. They never disappoint.

I like the location of the café near Farragut North because they set the outside area up, so it’s framed with flowers. It’s like a little hide-away oasis from the hustle and bustle of DC.

DC Restaurants Paul's Bakary Outdoor sitting


Paul's Bakary Bullet Journal

Unfortunately, they don’t have wifi, so I couldn’t park there for long working periods.

For my coffee and wifi fix, I would go to:



I had a working Brunch at Maketto earlier in the summer and the vibes and food was absolutely awesome! It felt like being in a tree house, but the first floor was a hipster shop. There was just a lot going on – in a good way.

DC Restaurants Maketto
I had this delicious iced Vietnamese Coffee. The brunch menu was not extensive, but it’s much better that way because I suffer from indecision. Even with the few items, I had trouble picking because they all seemed so delicious.

Maketto DC Restaurants
So there you have it! All the best places to eat in DC this summer, and well into the fall for that matter!

You’ll notice that there is a significant lack of African cuisine on this list. I’m still on the lookout for an awesome West African restaurant in the district. Comment below if you know one! PLEASE!

And let me know: what are your favorite restaurants in your area?


Omolayo Nkem

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