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The Best Nigerian Songs of All Time

September 7, 2017

I’ve so been looking forward to today’s post. I was excited to go down memory lane of all my favorite Nigerian songs. But then the challenge turned super difficult when I realized I had way more than 10. So here are my 10 favorites (in no particular order), as well as 5 honorable mentions (trust me…the list was much longer before).

Nigerian music is some of the most recognizable African music around the world. With no surprise – we have some the greatest artists, and many are starting to collaborate with international sensations and are becoming international sensations in their own right….and also because we Nigerians are everywhere. I’m just glad that Nigeria is doing it’s part to put AfroBeat music on the map so that people know African music is more than just drum circles.

(P.S. Forgive me because I want to put links to all these songs, but my internet is not cooperating with me and YouTube won’t load. Sniff Sniff.)


Top 10 (11) Favorite Nigerian Songs

1. Pullover By KCEE, featuring WizKid

This song, like many Nigerian songs, always gets me up on my feet and whining my waist. I find the premise hilarious and the singers comical.

2. Taste the Money (Testimony) By Psqaure

I apologize for how often Psquare shows up on this list. But you have to admit that they’ve got talent! I’ve seen them in concert before…in Dakar no less. This song, always has be like “YASSSSS….I’m allergic to poverty oooo….need to continue to struggle and double my hustle oooooo….” There’s also a part where the beat is dropping (the instrument is doing some type of scale…sorry it’s been a while since my band days…don’t remember my terminology well) right before 3:00 (if you are on the YouTube version) that reminds me of Koffi Olumide’s music. I also love that one of them speaks french at the beginning of this song. But the one thing I don’t get here is the random white girl bringing a bag of money. Psqaure tends to have random white girls in their videos…but I’ll save that for a topic on colorism later on this month.

3. Johnny By Yemi Alade

I can’t even relate to this song, thankfully, but I just love it! I think it’s so funny, and the video is beautiful and well choreographed. Also, the song is awesome! I once put together a color guard routine to this song when I was in a African Society pageant in uni.

4. Beautiful Oyinye by PSqaure

I’ve said sorry, so I don’t want to hear anything. This song has to be my very favorite PSquare song. Future hubs better know it’s going to be our wedding song…or he could at least play it for his proposal. Also note that I do not like the version with Rick Ross. I much prefer the original. Rick, why are big trucks pulling up everywhere while you are making slow love to your baby girl? It doesn’t make sense. Take that rubbish to another song please.

5. Collabo by PSquare ,  featuring Don Jazzy.

I’m sorry na! But this song is TOO hype. It also gets super extra points for such an hilarious video.

6. Kidike by Chidinma

You know I had to get my girl Chidinma on this list. Her voice is so beautiful and she has the cutest videos (You have to watch her song with Banky W, the end will make you laugh). But of all her songs, I think this was is my favorite because it’s just so sweet and the way I can move my nash to it. That is all.

7. The Horse, the Man and Boy – Ebenezer Obey

I bet you weren’t’ expecting me to throw it way back. But my dad was a musical connoisseur. Of all the Nigerian oldies he used to play, this one by Ebenezer Obey was always my favorite because the moral of the story is: just do you because people always gonna talk. They call the man classic for a reason.

8. Touching Body by J. Martins featuring Dj Arafat

This song had to make it on the list because it brings back so many memories of whining on the dance floor with Chineme and other friends in Dakar, Senegal. Those were such good times and this song will ALWAYS get me on the dance floor tryna touch some bodies.

9. African Queen by 2Face

This song is practically a classic and it’s just so sweet. This song has also been serenaded to me before…and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

10. Shekini by Psquare and Skelewu by Davido

Both these songs had to make it one here. They’ve both been on repeat multiple times for me (especially Skelewu). Like Callabo and Pullover, they just make me want to jump up and DANCE!!

Honorable Mentions

So I know I said 5 honorable mentions, but I really can’t narrow this much furhter. All these songs either get me super hype or they are just BEAUTIFUL to listen to – or both. I also find myself humming many of them often, especially Wake Up, Fada Fada, Fallen in Love, and Bank Alert.

1. Wake Up by Flavour Ft. Wande Coal  

I love that he speaks French at the beginning of this.

2. Fada Fada Phyno ft. Olamide

The boo always laughs at me when I hum this song because the ONLY part I know is “Chineke….” Like I don’t even know the words after. I just say Chineke and hum rubbish until I get to “….my ghetto,” and then start over again from “Chineke.” It took him forever to realize what the hell I was singing.

3. Le Kwa Ukwu by Iyanya

The video and dance for this song is just so cute and the main reason it man the list because y’all already know I have no idea what he’s saying.

4. Kukere by Iyanya

For this one, I just love the way they dance with dislocated hips. That’s what counts.

5. Fallen in Love by Chidinma

This one almost made it to the upper list, but I had to give the song to Kidike. This one is so beautful though….I’d serende someone with it…mmm, maybe I should.

6. Ololufe by Flavour Ft. Chidinma 

There’s my girl Chidinma again, she just always has the cutest songs and this duet with Flavor is what babies are made of.

7. Bank Alert by PSquare

Had to end on a hype note, and of course…apology again…their stuff is just TOO good. Plus you know Bank Alert be getting everyone on the dance floor…maybe if we dance to the song hard enough, we’ll all get Bank Alerts. Amen. The dad in this song is foolish though, lol.


So what did you think of the list. Aren’t Nigerian songs just the absolute best? What do you think should have been on this list that isn’t and which one do you think had gotta go! Would love to hear your thoughts. And what are your favorite songs from your own country if you’re not Ngierian.

This post is part of the #30DayAfriblogger Challenge I’ve been doing. It’s been going great, except I skipped yesterday – partly from lazy, partly from not knowin which event to write about, but I plan to make it up this weekend.

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Omolayo Nkem

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  • Reply Rutendo Matongo September 7, 2017 at 17:36

    Girl! I realised I know your entire list! I liked the original Beautiful Onyinye too, I can’t handle Rick Ross. My other fave PSquare song is E No Easy… loooooove it!!

    • Reply Omolayo Nkem September 12, 2017 at 14:43

      Right? These songs are the jamzzz! And yeah, Rick Ross gotta go!
      Yes!! That song is the jam too. But couldn’t make my list ALL PSquare, lol.

    Leave a Reply