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Lagos Fashion and Design Week: The Good, the Bad and the Drop Dead Gorgeous

October 23, 2017

Last year I got to attend the Lagos Fashion and Design Week, and besides a few annoying things, I was extremely impressed by the vibes, the models and of course the designs. The LFDW was a 4 day event geared towards people across the fashion business and hobbyist spectrum.


The Good

During the day, they held panel discussions and talks that enlightened people about what is holding back the Nigerian fashion business, what is unique about fashion in Nigeria, and what we can do to move the whole industry forward. The event also had a marketplace where entrepreneurs and large brands alike were able to showcase their wares. And finally of course, they had the fashion show portion where established and up-and-coming designers showed off their gorgeous designs. I loved that not all designers used Ankara, and the ones that did, did so in unique and thoughtful ways.


The Bad

So typical African style, many things started so late during the Lagos Fashion and Design Week. In particular, the runway shows would start two to three hours after they were supposed to. It gave us time to chat and network with other attendees, but it mostly annoyed me because I could never finish watching any of the fashion shows, especially the last day that started almost 4 hours late. I had to get back to my aunt’s house which was really far from the venue. It was around the time I had just arrived in Nigeria, so no one trusted me to be out too late, plus they had kids so I didn’t even want to be rude and come home too late anyways. The point is, the typical African time was frustrating and I think it’s a practice we need to actively work against if we want to be taken seriously on the global stage.

Waiting for the fashion show to start gave me a chance to take photos of awesomely dressed people!


The Drop Dead Gorgeous

This is the part where I just let you soak in all the gorgeous photos from the event.


Business Series:

The series was very insightful and the experts did a great job of offering great advice to people across the business sector.


Market Place

The popshop had a wide variety of businesses being showcased. I didn’t have any money to be spending at the time. But I took a few business cards and made connects.


The Vibe

Like I said, the African time meant a lot of standing around wondering when the event would start. I used the opportunity to snap pictures and get to know other people that were attending the event.


The Fashion Show

And the main the main! Check out the awesome brands that were on display at the LFDW last year. Kiki Kamanu, Deji Eniola, Amede, Papa Omisore Clothing, House of Kaya, Bridget Awosika, Naked Ape, and Orange Culture are the designs featured below.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and my recap of the event. LFDW is coming up this month from Oct. 25th to the 28th. If you are in Lagos, you should definitely make time to attend a few events, particularly the last night.

I want to give big props to Omoyemi Akerele, the founder and director of Lagos Fashion and Design Week, as well as the agency that hosts the event: Style House Files. In my humble opinion, I believe her and Adama Paris, a Senegalese designer who started Dakar Fashion Week and Black Fashion Week, were instrumental in putting African fashion on the map. So by attended Lagos Fashion and Design Week, you’re attending a part of history.

Have you gone to a fashion show before? What did you like and dislike? Let me know below.





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