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Finding Nkem – The Intro

November 5, 2014

Omolayo Nkemakonam Anulika Christine Bosede Ojo.

That’s my full name. It’s a mouth full but each one has a special meaning and has a reason to be a part of my life. No social security card or immigration official can ever change that.

In my culture, every important person in your life gets a chance to give you a name and it’s just as important as the ‘first’ name your parents give you.

Omolayo – Child is Joy

Nkemakonam – May mine not pass me by (May what is mine not be scarce for me).

Anulika – Joy is greatest

Christine – my baptismal name. My family is Catholic.

Bosede – Came with the week. I was born on a Sunday

Ojo – (We all need a family name)

I’ve always embraced my first name and many have said that it describes me well, but I’ve recently gotten interested in my other names as well, particularly Nkemakonam. I’ve always had a particular fondness for that one, using it as the go to ‘middle’ name that American legal forms and standardized test and applications ask for. Quite often, I shorten it to Nkem. I love the way the whole word and it’s shorterned form role off my mouth and fell in love with it even more when I called my mother up and asked her what it meant. (She’s told me a few times, I just always forget. But now, I never will). Nkem by itself means “mine.” [It can also be used as a term of endearment].

So yes, the name of my blog is “Finding Mine.” Because this time of my life is a time of discovery and self-reflection. It’s a time for me to discover my passions and callings (yes callings). As I navigate my final year of college and head into this world called “adult-hood,” grappling with new questions and old answers, poised between two worlds and multiple cultures, I’m feeling excited and ready (most days) to find what’s mine in this world.

Join me as I reflect on my life as a diasporan child, deal with discoveries of and share my thoughts on Africa, feminism, justice, equality, college, travel, fashion, role models, everyday life – and just about whatever else suits my fancy.

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