My Secret to Staying Organized: Why I Bullet Journal

January 15, 2018

Hope Everyone’s New Year is off to an AMAZING start!!

So this post has been a long time coming and Super excited to finally put it together for you all! Back when I wrote my Meticulous Planning post and my How Not to Procrastinate post, I asked who would be interested in knowing more about my organizational method! Well enough people were interested and I’m finally ready to share with you my current (actually it’s been since like 2015) organizational obsession, my bullet journal.

So there are sooo many resources out there for first time bullet journalers and I will link them below.
This post is just to:

  1. Introduce people to this awesome system in case you don’t already use it
  2. Point out why I love it and how it fits in my life
  3. Lay out my current bullet journal method (part 2)


Bullet journal design page by Tiny Ray of Sunshine

Photo by: Tiny Ray of Sunshine.

What is the Bullet Journal ?

So at its core, bullet journal is an analog system of keeping track of notes and your to-do lists. You can make it as simple or as complicated as you want. A lot of people who don’t know bullet journal might have their first intro be the page of a bullet journal junkie/artist – someone who goes ALL out and has impossibly beautiful layouts and pages. If that’s your intro, sorry…because it’s overwhelming. Luckily I was introduced to it by a friend who had a relatively simple system and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I’m here to tell you that the bullet journal method is what you make it and if you keep a running to-do list in a notebook, you are already half bullet journaling. What bullet journal does, is provide a basic template for how you write down and carry over tasks that makes it easier to keep track of, manage and therefore execute said tasks. It’s then that basic template that you run with! So if you are new to bullet journal and interested in it, please don’t check out any other site until you have checked out the original site to get a feel for what it looks like before all the intricate spreads and colorful pens of bullet journal junkies:

Also, another key thing to keep in mind is that you can use ANY note book and pen to do this. So yes, your 50cent composition book and Biq pen are perfectly fine to get started.

Bullet Journal Month Layout by Ened Bujo

Photo by: Ened.Bujo

Why I bullet journal

I’ve always LOVED journals, notebooks, planners, fancy pens and everything in the stationary aisle. Hell, I even like the SMELL of places like Michael’s and the inside of a book. Call me weird but that stuff is my ish! But I’m also a bit eclectic and how I keep track of things changes from time to time. Every now and again, I like to use apps like Trello and Wunderlist and then I’ll switch back to my planners and notebooks (BlueSky  and MoleSkine have always been favs).

I’m also a relatively creative person, but I can also get bogged down in setting up the perfect system (Bullet journal can be used as a crutch when I let it). Bullet journal lets me do all those things. So here is why I love it:

  1. Can be as simple or as intricate as I want
  2. Allows me to be creative when need be
  3. When I switch to using Wunderlist for a while or I’m on vacation, I can just pick up from the next empty page without feeling guilty. When I had pre-designed planners, I would always feel guilty when I went a week or more (which was often) without using/needing my planner. I would feel like I was wasting pages. With bullet journaling, all the pages are blank, so I just pick up where I left off. (the only exception to this is pages where I have a tracker, but whatever).
  4. I can keep notes AND my to-do lists in all the same place. I used to carry around a planner, a notebook and a journal (one for dates and assignments, one for to-do list and one for notes), but with the bullet journal I have it all in one place.
Bullet journal year layout from Leuchttrum IG page

Photo from: Leuchttrum IG page

So here are some of my favorite bullet journalers to follow (whether reading their blog or following their IG page):

  • Tiny Ray of Sunshine
  • BohoBerry
  • AmandaRachLee (recently started following)
  • IG pages I follow:
    • Leuchtturm1917 – This is also the notebook I use to bulletjournal. They repost awesome layouts and illustrations in their books.
    • Bullet Journal – The official page, they typically post simple layouts only.
    • Ened.Bujo – She does lettering/calligraphy and illustration so her posts are GORGEOUS and colorful and inspiring. Her captions are in French and English.
    • Bullet Journal Joy  – Her/his layouts are colorful but simple.
Bullet journal Layout from Leuchttrum IG page

Photo from Leuchttrum IG page

Have you tried the Bullet Journal method before? Or is it something you think you would like to try? What’s your current organization system? Would love to hear from you below!

You can find Part 2 (How I use my bullet Journal, here).

Also – would really love to bring you all more content on staying organized, being productive and achieving personal and professional growth. Let me know if that’s something you’re interested in and questions are always welcome!



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