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As I board the plane for France…

September 20, 2015


As my last few hours in the U.S. come to a close, I reflect on this summer and look forward to my time in France. This is going to be my first time in Europe and I feel something I’ve never felt when embarking on a new journey: I feel nervous. On the ride here, my stomach was twisting and turning the way it does right before I speak in front of a big crowd. But similar to public speaking, one I was in the throws of it, my body resigned to a stealy resolve: this is already happening and its too late to turn around. My nervousness was also quelmed a bit when my bags passed the weight inspection…not because they were underweight but because the ticketing lady was super nice! I now owe her some nice French chocolates.

As my first official travel related post, here is a recap of what I’m doing and some of my goals for these next 7 months – if I tell you all, then I’m more likely to do it!!

What am I doing in France?

I’m going to be teaching English for 7 months. I received a Fulbright Scholarship as an English Teaching Assistantant. It’s akso simultaneously through TAPIF. I got placed at Lycée Jacques Brel right outside of Paris. I’ll be living in Paris and for now I have an airbnb, but my roommate, also a Fulbright ETA, and I, are still looking for more permanent accommodations.

Some Goals:

So the school system in Creteil, where my school is located, is 6 weeks on 2 weeks off so I will have a lot of time to travel, with that in mind, here are some plans:

1. Get out of Paris at least once a month. So this could include short trips to the South of France or long journeys around Europe. Some places I want to go in France are Lyon, D’Aix-Marseille, St. Michel, & Nice. Places I want to go outside of France include: London, Belgium, Poland, Morocco and basically all of the EU.
2. Come back semi fluent in French
3. Impact my students in a meaningful way – I have a few projects in mind, and I’ll update on those as I go.
4. Get involved with a community or cause outside my school.
5. Don’t come back broke/in debt.

I’ll hopefully be posting to this blog regularly and taking lots of pictures. If I don’t, please get on me. Also, any advice, tips and places you think I should go, let me know!! And questions about my program and packing list are welcome as well!! Comment below or email me directly. Dont forget to subscribe to the blog to know when I’ve posted something new.  Also on social media (@omolayonkem), I’ll be using the hashtag #nkemtravels to log my adventures!! Things related specifically to my work in France will be tagged #fulbright.

Well, I am literally walking onto the plane now (writing on my phone), so I’ll see you on the other side of the pond. Thank you for all your continued support and well wishes!!

À bientôt !!

Omolayo Nkem

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