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Always, Nkem – New Look. Rejuvenated Spirit. Same Heart.

August 15, 2018

I wasn’t going to post this because almost 4 years after starting my blog, there isn’t much to write home about. I’ve been so on and off with it, unsure of myself, feeling inadequate and that I had nothing new to contribute to the blogosphere. That kind of thing doesn’t really seem necessary to mark it in any special way.

And perhaps that’s why it’s fitting to post in today. Aug. 15th doesn’t mark any special dates in my blogging or personal lifespan, and it’s not a Monday ( I LOVE re-starting stuff at the beginning of weeks/months). So to just “restart” in the middle of the week, in the middle of the month, at a random time of the year – this is GROWTH for me.

This is me deciding that slow and steady wins the race. This is me deciding that consistency – at a pace I can handle – is key. This is me deciding that what I want to share with the world is important and that even if it only helps one person, it’s worth it!

Same Heart

When I set out to refresh my blog (niche, narrow, focus, etc.) at the beginning of the summer, I looked over notes from 2014 when I first decided I wanted to blog:

This is an idea for a blog I have! But I’m not sure if it’s strong enough to be a blog yet, so I’m testing out my ideas as a journal and we’ll see how it goes. It’s kind of the story of my life but with particular reflections on the world around me and what I notice (and read about) amongst other members of the African diaspora.

A blog about discovery!

Feeling at home anywhere – but a little out of place everywhere.

Notes from: Life as a Diasporan Child, June 2014.

And this one:

I’ve often found myself at crossroads: where did I belong? It took me a while, but I have come to terms with and shaped my own identity. I’ve learned a lot along the way, but I still have a lot to discover. As I find and create “my own” place in this world, I want to share my lessons and journey with all those who care to know. All those who are also finding their own.

Notes from: About Me, August 2014.

These notes from way back when show how much I have grown and how much some things have stayed this same! This blog is still very much a place about discovery and creating our own magic in this world! It’s still an unapologetically Afropolitan space! It’s still a place to share, connect, grow and learn!!

Rejuvenated Spirit

But I’ve also grown and I’ve also learned. I’m been so inspired and honored with the feedback I received on my travel posts and my posts on goal setting and organization. It made me realize that I had more to give than just interesting stories and reflections. My obsession with goal setting, staying organized, making meaningful connections, and exploring the world could inspire and teach others as well! How humbling.

So I turned to myself and to God and listened to those close to me and allowed this blog’s focus to mature and materialize. And now here we are! I’ve updated the categories, refreshed the look and designed an editorial calendar that makes sense for me!

New Look

What do you think of the new categories across the top? The projects I’ve highlighted, the new features page and the clarified about page?

I’m just so excited that you all have stuck with me this far and I have so much to share, so please keep giving me your feedback, your thoughts and reflections. Learning from others is the most beautiful part of the internet, and if there is anything I’ve learned from blogging on and off these past few years, it’s that we all have something to share!

Another awesome thing I worked on during this hiatus off social media and my blog, was redefining my personal brand – it was all part of the same process!! So you’ll see a new look across social media(links on the sidebar!), ANNNNND….my brand new PERSONAL WEBSITE!! I’m so obsessed with this website because I BUILT IT on html!!

It was HARD. But so rewarding. I had help from my brother, my partner, and a theme template, but mostly it was me digging through html code, fixing links and image attributes!! I honestly feel I can do ANYTHING after that experience!!

Anyways! My personal website also has more information about what I do, including the communication consultation I offer, so do check it out here and let me know what you think!

Finding Nkem. Being Nkem.

I’m so excited about this new-ish journey! And everything that comes with embracing your whole self!! I think this is what is a bit different about all the times I’ve said “okay, I’m committing to blogging for real this time!” Because this time, it feels bigger than myself. This time it feels so on purpose. This time it feels like an extension of myself. This time I have no preconceived notions of overnight success. This time I’m ready to do the work, because I’m ready to change the world.

I’ve talked on the blog before about how I feel about the woman I’m trying to become. One thing I don’t often mention is that in my head, that woman’s name is Nkem! Regular ol’ confused me that I talk about in this post, is Omolayo.

Nkem is the graceful, confident, powerhouse I aspire to be! This blog could have easily been called Becoming Nkem!!

I did this artwork for a digital communications class at Elon University. Who knew freshmen me was so enlightened!

As I set out to revamp my blog and brand, I came to terms with that fact that in certain moments and situations, I’m already Nkem. I’ve come to terms with all the sides of me: the creative, the academic, the leader, the follower, the rebel, the obedient daughter, the Nigerian, the American, and so much more!

I talk about this more on the about page, but now I know: I can be all these things at once. I AM all these things at once. And I’ll be leveraging them to accomplish ALL my wild dreams. And more importantly, I’ll be sharing it with you so we can accomplish our dreams together!

Let’s DO THIS!!!

It’s so funny that I’ve always signed off my blog posts with: always, Omolayo Nkem. It’s like, all along, I’ve always known that this is me and this is who I’m meant to be. Who are you meant to be and how are you getting there?


Omolayo Nkem


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  • Reply Ralph & Donna Harwood August 15, 2018 at 17:42

    it is so great to be able to follow your journey through all kinds of adventures. Thank you for sharing. Stop by our home if you are in Elon again.

    • Reply Omolayo Nkem August 16, 2018 at 13:19

      Thank you so much Ralph & Donna!! You two are so wonderful and I continue to hear great stories when I catch up with other international students at Elon! If I’m every back in the area, will definitely send you a message on facebook. Thank you so much for continuing to keep up with my adventures!! I so appreciate it.

  • Reply Chidera August 15, 2018 at 17:54

    Wow! This revamp is great. I love the organisation and easy access on the blog right now. Congrats on your website….yeahhhh!! You’re doing amazing, darling, and we are so here for all the juice in the coming months.

    • Reply Omolayo Nkem August 16, 2018 at 13:23

      Thank you LOVEEEEE!! The revamp was A LOT of work and I’m so happy it shows! And there is still so much to create and share and I’m excited to do all of that for awesome people like you!! <3

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