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Welcome to Finding Nkem!

My name is Omolayo Nkem Ojo.

Optimist with a vision. Idealist on a mission.

African lady. Nigerian woman. American girl. Student. Lover. Globetrotter.

I discuss my reasoning behind the name of the blog in my introductory post, but essentially “Nkem” is the shortened version of one of my middle names: Nkemakonam, which means “may mine not pass me by.” “Nkem” by itself means “my own” and it’s also used as an endearing term. So naturally, this is a blog about discovery, connection and making a world of difference.



About this Blog:

We all want to live our best lives while being the best version of ourselves. But what if your best life and the best version of yourself is a journey and not a destination? What would it look like to be unapologetically yourself and create a life you love to live, while striving for the goals that set your heart on fire?

After 3 years of feeling stagnant in my career and education goals, I decided to embrace all of me and dive head first into my crazy wild dreams. Taking my love for travel, my Nigerian-American upbringing, and my knack for setting and achieving goals, I decided to chronicle my journey. More than just inspiring others along the way, I’m sharing all the tips, lessons and advice I can dish out.

I love seeing Afropolitans achieving their goals. I love seeing Black women living their best life. And I love seeing university students succeeding in all they do. Finding Nkem is meant to help you do all that and more!

Need extra tips and personalized advice? Send me a message.

You can also find out more about why I started this blog here. But here is a snippet:

Sharing my story and creating a community where people could come together and discuss all that and more seemed like the least I could do with all the experiences, opportunities and talents I’ve been given. Mostly I just wanted to share my story, in hopes of inspiring others and validating their journey…and maybe even validating my own journey to myself.

This is a space to continue to learn, to grow and to discover! Thank you for coming along on this journey.



About Me:

I consider myself a multifaceted individual. For a long time, I tried to fight against this and “find my place in this world,” or “pick a career path.” When that left me crippled with indecision, I left it all behind and traveled the world for a bit to “discover myself.” I traveled to over 15 countries around the world, first while doing a Fulbright in France and then while completing National Youth Service (NYSC) in Nigeria.

When I came home 3 years later feeling very much so in the same place I started, still passionate about ALL the things and still unsure what path to take, I thought: “You know what? ‘Why not take them all?'” No more trying to stifle sides of myself to conform to a single career path. I should have known all along, because even from the beginning I was always wearing more than one hat.

Born to an Igbo mother and a Yoruba father. Born in Nigeria but raised in the U.S. I’ve always had my feet, my heart, my mind – in multiple places at once.

I no longer feel pressured to “try and fit in” – in my identity or my career.

Instead, I’m working hard to ensure that all that’s meant for me in this world – no matter how disparate I think they may be – won’t pass me by. You can find out more about what that means to me here and here. Here’s a snippet:

 I’d be kidding myself if I said I achieved this diploma only through my own sweat and hard work. No, this diploma belongs to all the people who came before me and all those that will come after.

But more than just these little instances of giving back, it’s important for me to work towards a world where the circumstances you are born into do not dictate what you can and cannot do with your life. Not the fact that you’re a woman. Not the fact that you’re Black. Not the fact that you’re African. Not the fact that you’re an immigrant.


This is me embracing all of that. Chasing all my dreams. And encouraging you to do the same.

I’m still very much so finding and creating “Nkem.” But only I get to define what that is. I’m just glad you’re here too. We got this!

Where else to find me:

I probably spend a little too much time on this blog, but you can also catch me other places online, including:

  • My main website, where you can find out even more about me and what I do!
  • My Medium page where I write articles on feminism, migration, and Africa & her diaspora.
  • I’ve been featured on several sites and publications. Check out some of them here.
  • You can listen in on my podcast with Nana Mensah!
  • On Twitter, I’m an unapologetic feminist. I also share pretty pictures and people that inspire me!
  • Of course, I’m on Instagram!
  • You can check me out on Facebook.

So now that we are connected on ALL the socials, let’s chat! Explore the blog, leave some comments and tell me about yourself!! What sets your soul on fire and what kind of world are you creating? I can’t wait to hear all about it and support you along that path!



Omolayo Nkem