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5 Ways to Keep Your Motivation Up

September 3, 2018

All of us have days where we feel unsure about our current path. We feel exhausted and don’t see the point in putting in the work that we need to put in.

In this moment, you need that extra push that comes from remembering what motivated you down this path in the first place. You need to ramp your motivation back up instead of waiting for it to hit you – because on a day like today, it just might not.

I’ve talked before about how discipline is more important that motivation. But the truth is that you need motivation for the initial decision to pursue something. And boosts of motivation are needed to keep you excited about the goal in the long run.

As long as we agree not to stay reliant on motivation, here are some tips for how to give yourself boosts of motivation throughout the lifespan of a certain goal:

1. Write it down and look back at it (Hey!!)

Have a place where you have your goal written down. That way you know where to go when you are lacking motivation for working on that goal. And if you really want that extra push, make sure that your goal is written down next to your why. If your why isn’t there, the goal might seem even more frustrating than helpful. Whenever I get discouraged about my blog, I know exactly where to go in my OneNote to remind me, where I’m headed with this blog and why. That is often all the push I need to pump out the next blog post.

2. Tell someone about it and check in with them

Accountability, accountability, accountability. But more than just someone who checks in and asks how it’s going for you – because they may forget sometimes – this is about you being able to ask that person “Hey, why am I doing this again?” And they are able to remind you. This perks up your motivation, because 1) you are reminded of your why and 2) You know you have a friend who is cheering you on and is aware of your goals too. Hold on to that awesome person.


3. Make it large and visible

So similar to #1, you want your goals (and your why) to be quite visible to you so that you are constantly reminded of why you are doing what you’re doing. A lot of people make vision boards and then put it in a visible place in their home or office. Others put inspiring quotes around their desk. Instead of an inspiring quote, why not your goal and your why – what could be more inspirational than that?

4. Set reminders in your calendar

If you find that there is a certain day of the week where your motivation typically takes a nose dive (mine is Thursday – when the week is almost over and I feel like I’m still working through things from my Monday to-do list – but I also have notoriously long to-do lists so that might be part of it). Yours might be Monday, or it could be Saturday morning when you need that extra push to work on your side hustle even though you have been working all week.
Whatever day it is, set a calendar reminder that you’ll see on your phone in the morning. The reminder can simply be a note to yourself on why you’re doing what you’re doing, it can be your favorite motivational quote or something else entirely, As long as it inspires you, kicks your motivation into high gear, and gets you working on that goal.

5. Keep a journal

Finally – hope you are seeing a pattern of writing things down, have a journal that you turn to. This is the #1 tool I use when I’m feeling unmotivated. In in my journal, I get to talk through how I’m feeling: why I feel unmotivated, what I feel is currently holding me back, and then I usually reflect on my goals again, which means rewriting my goals and my why – what am I working towards. I journal about once a week – sometimes more, sometimes less. I’ve noticed the harder my season, the more I need to journal in order to keep my motivation up.


There you have it! 5 things to do when you find yourself lacking motivation. All of these methods have the same theme: remind yourself of your WHAT and your WHY. Don’t be randomly disciplined into something that’s not ultimately achieving your goal. Remind yourself what you are working towards and WHY you are working towards it. Use those reminders when the road seems tough.

Also, let me know if you’d be interested on a style post base on this outfit!! I love mixing prints and solids and I think it’s the best way to wear Ankara without doing head to toe Ankara (which is also perfectly acceptable!).

So, what do you do to stay motivated while working on your goals? Comment below with your thoughts and advice. Can’t wait to hear from you.


Omolayo Nkem

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